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Books 1-13 out of 13
1.Becoming MagicHawkins, Jaq55.613B 18.03.2008
2.Believing in FairiesHawkins, Jaq50.644B 21.12.2007
3.Cauldron of Subservience, TheHawkins, Jaq81.851B 31.12.2007
4.Defining ChaosHawkins, Jaq99.502B 16.11.2007
5.Elemental ChaosHawkins, Jaq53.007B 17.11.2007
6.Journey into DarknessHawkins, Jaq53.666B 21.12.2007
7.Practical Cursing-A Magician's ViewHawkins, Jaq56.551B 19.11.2007
8.Real Meaning of Initiations, TheHawkins, Jaq50.418B 31.03.2008
9.Standing Stones as Strange AttractorsHawkins, Jaq53.726B 26.03.2008
10.Testing LimitationsHawkins, Jaq58.898B 20.11.2007
11.Walking in SpaceHawkins, Jaq53.126B 17.01.2008
12.What Do We Teach the ChildrenHawkins, Jaq55.563B 03.12.2007
13.When Does a Child Become a Non-InitiateHawkins, Jaq49.471B 03.12.2007
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