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1.1-The Binding of ShadowsFord, Michael W.8.002B 09.01.2008
2.2-Casting the CircleFord, Michael W.7.342B 10.01.2008
3.3-Commentary on Circle CastingFord, Michael W.5.517B 11.01.2008
4.Abyss and Tabaet, TheFord, Michael W.38.346B 13.12.2007
5.Adamu - Luciferian Tantra and Sex MagickFord, Michael W.5.324.254B 09.06.2008
6.Beholders of NightFord, Michael W.21.283B 16.01.2008
7.Black WitchcraftFord, Michael W.169.277B 10.12.2007
8.Book of CainFord, Michael W.329.068B 10.12.2007
9.Book of the Witch MoonFord, Michael W.3.142.056B 22.11.2007
10.Book of Wamphyri and ShadowsFord, Michael W.230.813B 22.11.2007
11.Calling Down the Moon and the Shades of LilithFord, Michael W.7.479B 22.11.2007
12.Calling to the First of Witch BloodFord, Michael W.5.249B 22.11.2007
13.Chaos Magick and LuciferismFord, Michael W.27.126B 08.01.2008
14.Diabolus - The Dragon in the Triangle of DarknessFord, Michael W.370.938B 28.11.2007
15.Fly the LightFord, Michael W.8.734B 12.03.2008
16.Infernal Sabbat LiveFord, Michael W.247.418B 31.12.2007
17.Invocation of the AdversaryFord, Michael W.8.666B 14.01.2008
18.Liber HVHI - Magick of the AdversaryFord, Michael W.5.614.479B 20.09.2009
19.Luciferian GoetiaFord, Michael W.2.373.850B 01.02.2008
20.Luciferian Initiation - Via NocturneFord, Michael W.5.784B 01.02.2008
21.Luciferian Path & the Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.762.394B 01.02.2008
22.Luciferian SorceryFord, Michael W.610.912B 26.11.2007
23.Luciferian Sorcery and Set-TyphonFord, Michael W.26.211B 26.11.2007
24.Luciferian Witchcraft - An IntroductionFord, Michael W.13.403B 06.12.2007
25.Luciferian Witchcraft - The Mystery RevealedFord, Michael W.8.433B 06.12.2007
26.Midnights Circle - A Commentary of AZOTHOZFord, Michael W.12.808B 14.01.2008
27.Nox UmbraFord, Michael W.1.022.449B 24.05.2008
28.Phosphorus - The Shadowing Forth of LuciferFord, Michael W.20.023B 12.03.2008
29.Presumed Opposition - Psychonaut75-Musick and ArtFord, Michael W.11.319B 30.06.2008
30.Rite of ShaitanFord, Michael W.6.856B 13.12.2007
31.Rite of the WerewolfFord, Michael W.416.337B 29.11.2007
32.Satanic Magick - A Paradigm of TherionFord, Michael W.8.232.021B 14.08.2010
33.Shades of AlgolFord, Michael W.258.164B 15.08.2010
34.Vampire Gate, TheFord, Michael W.982.297B 24.05.2008
35.Vox Sabbatum: The Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.962.076B 10.12.2007
36.Wake of the Red DeathFord, Michael W.8.163B 12.03.2008
37.Workings of BabalonFord, Michael W.66.920B 19.12.2007
Books 1-37 out of 37

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