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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Introduction to the Study of the Tarot, AnCase, Paul Foster162.356B 23.08.2007
2.Letter 1 to RegardieCase, Paul Foster8.259B 23.08.2007
3.Letter 2 to RegardieCase, Paul Foster15.300B 23.08.2007
4.Life Power, TheCase, Paul Foster72.561B 25.08.2007
5.Oracle of the TarotCase, Paul Foster304.122B 23.08.2007
6.Secret Doctrine of the TarotCase, Paul Foster13.742.503B 15.06.2008
7.Sound and Color Case, Paul Foster1.288.855B 22.11.2007
8.Thirty-two Paths of WisdomCase, Paul Foster, Whitty, Michael493.201B 23.08.2007
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