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Books 1-6 out of 6
1.Jewish Mysticism: The Middle agesDan, Joseph95.001.424B 05.03.2015
2.Kabbalah - A Very Short IntroductionDan, Joseph2.771.995B 13.12.2007
3.Kabbalah: A Very Short IntroductionDan, Joseph3.431.665B 23.05.2008
4.Medieval Jewish Influences on Renaissance Concepts of Harmonia MundiDan, Joseph1.128.103B 14.08.2010
5.The Early KabbalahDan, Joseph, Idel, Moshe, Kiener, Ronald C.8.869.326B 15.08.2010
6.The Heart and the Fountain, An Anthology of Jewish Mystical ExperiencesDan, Joseph1.533.468B 11.08.2010
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