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1.Abraxas: Knowledge of the WatersEvola, Julius50.463B 15.08.2010
2.Active Nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche, TheEvola, Julius35.155B 26.08.2008
3.Concept of InitiationEvola, Julius137.632B 10.08.2012
4.Do We Live in a Gynaecocratic SocietyEvola, Julius26.544B 20.02.2008
5.Doctrine of Awakening, TheEvola, Julius1.246.427B 21.12.2007
6.Doctrine of Awakening, TheEvola, Julius1.237.853B 29.01.2008
7.Ea: The Nature of Initiatic KnowledgeEvola, Julius38.474B 17.05.2008
8.Hermetic Tradition: Symbols and Teachings of the Royal ArtEvola, Julius3.086.065B 03.01.2013
9.Hitler And The Secret SocietiesEvola, Julius296.211B 29.01.2008
10.Introduction to Magic : Rituals and Practical Techniques for the MagusEvola, Julius, UR Group, The19.544.898B 21.12.2010
11.Knowledge of the SymbolEvola, Julius, Negri, Pietro78.480B 26.03.2008
12.Meditation on the Peaks: Mountain Climbing as Metaphor for the Spiritual QuestEvola, Julius1.170.874B 14.04.2012
13.Men Among The RuinsEvola, Julius2.243.655B 11.02.2008
14.Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit Evola, Julius7.373.911B 23.04.2012
15.Revolt Against the Modern WorldEvola, Julius18.866.243B 16.11.2009
16.Rome against EtruriaEvola, Julius23.704B 30.06.2008
17.Scholasticism and the Spirit of ModernityEvola, Julius56.719B 14.03.2008
18.Varieties of AscesisEvola, Julius32.656B 03.09.2008
Books 1-18 out of 18

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