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Books 1-16 out of 16
1.1st Formula - Fusion of the Five Elements (Basic and Advanced Meditations)Chia, Mantak3.359.977B 21.04.2008
2.2nd Formula - Lesser Kan & LiChia, Mantak1.404.911B 22.04.2008
3.3rd Formula - Greater Kan & Li (Enlightenment-Growing the Immortal Fetus)Chia, Mantak853.589B 23.04.2008
4.4th Formula - Greatest Kan & Li (Gathering the Cosmic Light)Chia, Mantak1.348.688B 29.04.2008
5.5th Formula (Sealing of the Five Senses)Chia, Mantak897.486B 25.04.2008
6.Chi Self MassageChia, Mantak3.059.470B 29.04.2008
7.Cosmic Fusion of the Eight ForcesChia, Mantak4.433.396B 18.04.2008
8.Cosmic Healing IChia, Mantak2.688.046B 17.04.2008
9.Cosmic Healing IIChia, Mantak4.278.745B 17.04.2008
10.Dark Room EnlightenmentChia, Mantak3.570.845B 16.04.2008
11.Darkness Technology (Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment)Chia, Mantak1.261.831B 29.02.2008
12.Fusion of Eight ChannelsChia, Mantak824.577B 13.05.2008
13.Fusion of the Five ElementsChia, Mantak3.359.880B 06.03.2008
14.Iron Shirt Chi KungChia, Mantak8.016.134B 05.03.2008
15.Multi Orgasmic Man, TheChia, Mantak1.600.836B 27.02.2008
16.Taoist art of sexual spiritual Love , TheChia, Mantak35.510B 17.03.2008
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