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New Aeon Magick: Thelema Without Tears

napsal del Campo, Gerald

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New Aeon Magick is a unique book, and the details of a Thelemic magical life are candidly shared by a magician who has been said to "wear his heart on his sleeve." This is not a book you will put away on your shelf to collect dust: it is a manual and a glimpse into the private life of a Thelemic magician. This is the second revised edition of New Aeon Magick. In it del Campo has expanded and enlarged this unique work by adding more on Qabalah, Gematria, God forms, the Thelemic path, magical ceremonies and much more. Where ever your path leads you to, New Aeon Magick shows the art of magical living and is presented in a realistic, easy to understand and practical fashion. This book is intended for those that want to focus on "Practice" rather than "Theory." It will encourage you to find your own path so that you may open up a road not previously charted.



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Magic, Thelema, Occult sciences

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Dee, John

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