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How to Summons The Dead

napsal Kuriakos

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This book is a modern day Grimoire on how to summons the dead! This book cuts to the bone and gives you the simplest yet most powerful ways to summons the dead. This book covers all the information you need to know how to be successful in summoning the dead and shows you step by step how to easily summons the spirits from the dead. There is also a Book of Shadows to record your rituals and results. For thousands of years the Magick grimoire books have hidden the secrets by making it hard to understand the real way to summons the dead and this book has now revealed the true way to do Necromancy. The many benefits of communication with the spirits of the dead is better health, finding a lover, more money, increased psychic abilities and many more things to greatly improve your life! 2007, 54pp., searchable pdf.



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Spiritism, Modern magick, Necromancy

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