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Psychic Power Secrets

by Mind Power Corp.

Short description

"Psychic Power Secrets" contains 273 pages. If you are serious about understanding, realising and using your own natural, latent, valuable psychic powers, then Psychic Power Secrets is without question the book you. It will teach you everything you need to know to develop your own, real psychic powers to use at will including how to become a psychic medium. Here's the Table of Contents: Chapter 1. How to Develop Psychic Powers Chapter 2. Harmonious Conditions Chapter 3. Fear and How to Banish it Chapter 4. The Subconscious Chapter 5. The Spirit World Chapter 6. The Health of Mediums and Psychics Chapter 7. Self and Soul Culture Chapter 8. The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts Chapter 9. Psychometry Chapter 10. The Human Aura Chapter 11. Colour and its Interpretation Chapter 12. Symbolism Chapter 13. Telepathy Chapter 14. Clairvoyance Chapter 15. Dreams Chapter 16. Automatic Writing Chapter 17. Crystal Gazing and Shell Hearing Chapter 18. Spiritual Healing Chapter 19. The Cultivation of Sensitiveness Chapter 20. Trance Chapter 21. Inspirational Speaking and Test Messages Chapter 22. More and Less Developed Spirits Chapter 23. Obsession and Insanity Chapter 24. Prayer, Concentration and Silence Chapter 25. The Human Fluid Chapter 26. Self Projection Chapter 27. Apparitions Chapter 28. Haunted Houses Chapter 29. The Difficulties of Communication Chapter 30. Hypnotism and Mesmerism Chapter 31. Personal Magnetism Chapter 32. Prophecy versus Fortune Telling Chapter 33. Reincarnation and Eastern Philosophy Chapter 34. The Ethics of Spiritualism Chapter 35. What Happens After Death? Chapter 36. Bad and Perverted Uses of Spiritualism Chapter 37. Snares and Pitfalls to Avoid Chapter 38. Physical Phenomena Chapter 39. Spirit and Thought Photography Chapter 40. Materialization Chapter 41. Advanced Studies. These are just a few of the valuable abilities you can learn in Psychic Power Secrets: -The trance state and how to receive psychic communications at will -The power of the subconscious mind and how to obtain the desired results -The Spirit worlds, the people residing there and how to communicate with them at will -Psychic ability; how to continually enhance and develop it -Psychometry; how to read the history of an object simply by holding it -The human aura, and how to read everyone and everything like an open book -Telepathy; what it is and how to develop your own telepathic powers -Clairvoyance; the ability of "clear seeing" Astral living people, beings and realms -Spiritual healing; how to heal yourself and anyone of any ailment; however serious. The cost of the book includes 2 more books and 2 bonus.




Chakras, Astral projection, Yoga, Occult/Psychology, Aura, Energetical Model

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Sexual magic, Ancient, Experiments, Sethianism, Occult sciences, African magic, Angels

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