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Magickal Evocation Rituals

by Kuriakos

Short description

This book is a modern day Grimoire! Unlike most Medieval Magick books or Grimoires which are very hard to understand, take an hour or longer to complete the rituals, and often hide the real way to summon spirits to benefit your life, this book is simple to the point Magick with the most powerful Spirits from Ancient Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic and Nordic cultures plus a chapter on Angelic Magick. These rituals are also designed to conjure the spirits to visible appearance! This book will help you accomplish your goals of attaining money, health, psychic abilities, love, information and much more in as little as 10 minutes per day. All you need is a candle, incense and a rope circle to get started. There are over 50 spirits in this book specifically designed for your every request possible. Unlike spells that rely upon a belief system, these simple evocation rituals don't require you to believe in them at all as you are summoning these Ancient Spirits to do your bidding! 2007, 52pp., searchable pdf.




Golden Dawn, Modern magick

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