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Covenant of Samyaza

by Scorpius, Faustus

Short description

A reworking of the Book of Enoch and other ancient texts under the inspiration of the demon Samyaza. Covenant:SamYaza From RPGnetWiki The only thing more dangerous that a man who sins out of greed or malice is a man who sins in service to God. Sam Yaza believes that terrorizing the residents of Covenant is his part of a holy plan and ensures his ultimate salvation. Is it any wonder, then, that he is capable of rape, torture, and wholesale slaughter? He teaches his followers to scar, paint, and mutilate themselves, all to foster a more fearsome and demonic appearance. He is a skilled survivalist and a deadly combatant. (It's entirely possible that he received some training from Project BABEL's special ops team.) More importantly, he is a monster. Retrieved from ""




Enochiana, Playbook, Satanism, LHP, Gnosis/Gnosticism

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