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Sexual Ecstacy

by Ra, Summum Bonum Amen

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Among the many branches of knowledge possessed by the ancients and recorded in hieroglyphics, that known as Sexual Ecstasy is the subject matter of this book. Here, made known for the first time, are the techniques that were taught and practiced by the most sophisticated society on earth for thousands of years. All nations and peoples have partaken liberally at the feast of sexual knowledge which the Masters of the Land of Ra and Isis so freely provided for them. So powerful was this original source of sexual knowledge that from it blossomed the many strange forms of sexual practices known today as Tantra, Kama Sutra, Taoism, etc. Nevertheless, this sexual knowledge has been restored to its purity at this time so that you can know the techniques which allowed the ancients to experience hours of "Sexual Ecstasy."




Sexual magic

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