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Tantra Magick


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In this book you will find the first three sets of instructions for the group AMOOKOS (the Arcane and Magickal Order of the Knights of Shambhala). For the first time, we publicly reveal the methods, rites and philosophy pursued by an inner group of initiates within the Natha Community. This book shows how the esoteric strands of east and west arefused together into a practical system which had as its purpose the unveiling of the spiritual potential latent in every individual. Initiates of AMOOKOS take as their starting point the assumption that within each and every human is a divine spark, the Alpha Ovule, or spirit, which simply had to be freed from the bonds or fetters of ignorance or conditioning to shine free. As a presentation of practical methods for working towards selfknowledge, wisdom, and understanding, many may find the exercises in the different grade papers indispensable. Much of the material will not be found in any other tradition or teaching. Its rendering of the basics and essentials of tantrik practice in simple language is also new. AMOOKOS was started at the behest of HH Shri Gurudeva Mahendranath. Wishing to transmit his own experience and the Nath transmission, in 1978 Mahendranath passed the parampara or line of transmission to a youthful 'seeker after truth'. At this point, the Adinath Sampradaya was transformed into an international group (See Charter below). Soon after, instructions were received to start a nine-grade group within the Naths, and AMOOKOS was the result.




Sexual magic, Tantra

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