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Guide to the Norse Gods and Their Names

by Vikernes, Varg

Short description

Varg Vikernes (born Kristian Vikernes on February 11, 1973 near Bergen, Norway) is a black metal musician, convicted murderer, arsonist and political activist. This booklet consists of the etymological, exoteric and esoteric meanings of the most common names and words in Nordic/Germanic mythology. The booklet is designed utilizing tables for easy reference of English, (modern)-Norwegian, old-Norse/Germanic and pre-Nordic names. In addition to this, it includes an elucidation on the underlying esoteric significance of the pre-Nordic saga of the creation of man and "The Structure Of Man"; more than enough can replace Maslow's theories and other commonly established concepts of modern psychology. This booklet certainly offers many surprising and penetrating insights even for the more advanced readers.




Rune magic, Mythology, Nordic

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