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Secret Life of Nature, The (Living in Harmony With the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks )

by Tompkins, Peter

Short description

Peter Tompkins, author of the New York Times number one bestseller The Secret Life of Plants, parallels the scientist's world of quarks and muons with the spiritualist's world of fairies and sprites in The Secret Life of Nature. There's more to nature than green leaves and twittering birds: it's a world that only the gifted and dedicated observer can see, using techniques of the mind that transcend the limits of the five senses, much as the scientist peers into the subatomic world with supercolliders and electron microscopes. Going beyond the boundaries of typical pro-environmental propaganda, The Secret Life of Nature is more than a plea to save the planet; it will change the way you see the world. Product Description The long-awaited follow-up to Peter Tompkins's bestseller THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS is an astonishing account of how spiritualists and scientists alike are revealing that the physical world teems with nature spirits. In a dramatic meeting of New Science and New Age, Tompkins's new book is sure to radically transform how readers perceive and treat the natural world around them. Index. 20 photos & drawings.




Shamanism, Biology, Sorcery, Mysteries, Physic

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