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Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

by Sinnet, A. P.

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1920. Contents: The World's Place in the Universe; Future Lives; Religion Under Repair; Occultism in Tennyson's Poetry; Five Senses; Visits to this World; The Masters and their Methods of Instruction; Expanded Theosophical Knowledge (The Nature of Consciousness.The Planetary Chain.The Astral World.The Infinite Future.); Pyramids and Stonehenge; Super Physical Laws of Nature; Higher Occultism; Objects of Theosophy; Borderland of Science; Astronomy, Overt and Occult; and Poetry and Theosophy. 316 pages, 14.6 MB, PDF. Scan.




Theosophy, Theory, Poetry, Occult sciences, Mysteries, Esoterica

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