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Art & Practice Of Getting Material Things Through Creative Visualization, The

by Ophiel

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Who wouldn’t like the chance to enjoy some of the “finer things” in life? Especially since these things are within the reach of almost anyone who can read this book and follow the simple directions which Ophiel outlines. Ophiel says that, with practice, anybody can develop the ability to bring almost any desirable things into his or her life, through “Creative Visualization” This technique, explained in very simple language, is Ophiel’s own. He has used it for many years, AND IT WORKS! All you need is the desire for the things you want, plus some elementary Occult knowledge. Ophiel explains “laws” like the “Sphere of Availability”, “The Law of E-motion”, and the “Law of the Barrier”, as well as giving you a complete and easy ritual to follow which can open doors and bring enormous dividends to your life. Ophiel is one of America’s best known occult writers. His “Art and Practice” series is probably the finest ever written for beginner and intermediate student. Anyone who sincerely wants to study and use the occult will benefit by reading these books.




Divination, Practical, Astral projection, Zen, Nordic, Esoterica

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O.T.O., Psychology, Art, Hinduism

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