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Liber Nigris

by Nigris, Frater

Short description

"What follows is an overview of the development and meaning of my use of the name 'Frater Nigris' and the call 'I am I!' in my correspondence and its meaning in occult literature as I came to know it. In this way it is both a diary and an analytical paper surrounding certain key concepts in Western occultism and “Crowleyanity” in particular. The color black has been maligned throughout the history of magick, probably due to its primordial and chthonic associations with the night and caves. In the Hindu tradition it is sometimes said that the name of the Great Goddess of Destruction, Kali, means 'Black One', and this may be connected in some way to that awful Void of space which consumes and destroys All in Her entropic hunger. When it comes to the Master Therion, his writings do not, on the surface, treat blackness much better, and there is some speculation that this is either due to his rather conservative, British upbringing, or to the interesting possibility that he intentionally characterized the path of his denigration in order to lay a course for those who would follow in his wake yet rebel against him." Author


Thelema, Mysticism, LHP, Post-thelema

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