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Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic

by Blain, Jenny

Short description

Shamanistic practices known as seidr, often involving interactions with the spirit world and states of altered consciousness, lie at the heart of the pagan religions of Northern Europe. This accessible study explores the ways in which seidr, a key element of ancient Scandinavian belief systems described in the Icelandic Sagas and Eddas, is now being rediscovered and redeveloped by people around the world. The book draws on a wealth of research and experience to analyse the phenomenon and place it in context. Written by someone who is a practitioner as well as a scholar, this is a unique exploration of what Northern ‘shamans’ do, and how they speak of the spirits they meet. It is set within discussions of shamanism, identity, insider ethnography and new directions in the anthropology of religion. It will fascinate all those with an interest in the possibilities for alternative spirituality in today's world. Jenny Blain is a senior lecturer in the School of Social Science and Law at Sheffield Hallam University, where she is route leader for the MA in Social Research Methods.




Rune magic, Shamanism, Witchcraft/Sorcery, Mythology, Paganism, Historical, Teutonic religion, Nordic, Energetical Model

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