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Reincarnation of Souls

by Fano, Menahem Azariah da, Lainer, Yerucham Meir

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Reincarnation of Souls by the renowned Rabbi, Gaon, and Kabbalist Menachem Azarya of Fano with additions, annotations, footnotes, and corrections called Meir Ayin which possesses additional noteworthy qualities, as the reader will soon see (inside description). A Kabbalistic writing of a leading kabbalist from Italy (1600's), and was said to have been taught Torah by a Magid (angel). The book traces the various incarnations and reincarnations of biblical and Talmudic personalities. Haktav Institute 2001, 188pp., searchable pdf.




Kabbalah, Judaism, Reincarnation

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Maimon, Moshe ben

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