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Angel Magic : The Ancient Art of Summoning and Communicating with Angelic Beings

by James, Geoffrey

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Angel Magic is a set of ritual practices tha t is believed to control angels, daimons, fayries and genies . This book traces Angel Magic from its birth in folk magic through centuries of oppression to the works of the great ma gi of the Renaissance. A long-held belief is that a magician can harness the power of spiritual beings to control the physical world: Angel Magic is the manifestation of this belief, and here enjoys many specifics. From how to conjure occult beings to understanding basic Angel Magic principles, this culls information from many sources to provide a history and a range of insights into the practices of early magicians.




Magic, Angels

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Theurgy, Goldtrend, Master, Abulafia, Avraham, Annus, Amar (ed.)

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