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The Heart of Plotinus: The Essential Enneads

by Uzdavinys, Algis

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Including Porphyry’s On the Cave of the Nymphs. Foreword by Jay Bregman. Drawing parallels with other traditions, U davinys emphasizes that Plotinus' philosophy was not a purely mental or rational exercise, but a complete way of life incorporating the spiritual virtues. Plotinus is widely regarded as the founder of the school of Neo-Platonism and this book provides an introduction to his teachings and an informative commentary on the Enneads. Also included is a commentary by Plotinus' leading disciple, Porphyry (c. 233-305 A.D.), on an enigmatic passage from Homer's epic, the Odyssey. World Wisdom (April 16, 2009), 294 pp., searchable pdf.


Philosophy, Ancient, Greece, Neoplatonism

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