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Lexicon Plotinianum

by Sleeman, J. H., Pollet, Gilbert

Short description

This is an extremely helpful tool for anyone looking to read Greek philosophical texts in Greek. The fruit of over thirty years of work, this book attempts to define every word as used by Plotinus. The format and printing are clear. Important words such as energeia and holos are given thorough entries that carefully guide the reader through the various usages. I find it helpful for working through most Greek philosophers writing after the third century AD even though this lexicon is designed specifically for Plotinus. Please note that this lexicon is complete for Plotinus only and will only be of use for reading his text in Greek and those authors who have been influenced by him (basically any Greek philosopher after the third century AD). Leuven University Press (January 1, 1980). Scanned pdf (no OCR), 592pp.


English, Greek


Philosophy, Dictionary, Encyclopedy, Neoplatonism

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Plotinus, Dillinger, Johannes

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