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Seership! The Magnetic Mirror. A Practical Guide to Those Who Aspire to Clairvoyance-Absolute.

by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

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1870 edition. Pat Deveney writes: Seership! The Magnetic Mirror. A Practical Guide to Those Who Aspire to Clairvoyance-Absolute. Original and Selected from Various European and Asiatic Adepts, by Paschal Beverly Randolph. Copyright by Randolph, August 1870. Boston: Randolph Publishing Co., 1870. This is the next incarnation of the material on clairvoyance and magic mirrors that Randolph had been reworking since 1860 and publishing as "Clairvoyance, How to Produce It," Guide to Clairvoyance (1867), Love and its Hidden History (part 2, 1869) and The Master Passion (1870) and was to publish again in The New Mola (1873). To this material Randolph added the new mirror ideas he had just learned from the mysterious Cuilna Vilmara and the seven magnetic laws of love (persistence of purpose, attention, calmness, will, etc.) that Randolph advertised as the means by which wives could win back their husbands' love and punish other women who trifled with their husbands' affections, and any woman could "impress herself ineffaceably upon the man she feels for." The Master Passion (168). Randolph touted the work as the fullest exposition of these subjects ever to be issued "outside the temples of the Imperial Order, De la Rose Croix." (Ibid., 178). He advertised the work by various names (The Rosicrucian Hand-Book, Complete Self-Guide to Clairvoyance, and Mysteries of the Magnetic Universe), but all the editions of the work that continued to appear throughout the nineteenth century (Toledo: Randolph & Co., 1875; Toledo: K. C. Randolph, Publisher, 1884, 1892) are from the same plates, omitting only the final paragraph of this 1870 edition in which Randolph solicited paying students. In a contemporary advertisement for the first edition of the book, Randolph refers to the "good lady proprietress" of the work, which could mean that he had found a patron (as he had for Guide to Clairvoyance in 1867) or that he was yet again enmeshed with a woman—perhaps the Carrie Chute for whom he had written Love and its Hidden History. R. S. Clymer republished the work as Seership, Guide to Soul Sight. A Practical Guide for those who Aspire to Develop the Vision of the Soul. The Magic Mirror and How to Use It (Quakertown: Confederation of Initiates, n.d. [c. 1930]), and that version in turn was reprinted by Health Research in 1960.




Magic Mirrors, Spiritualism

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