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Eulis! The History of Love

by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

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2d ed., Toledo: Randolph Publishing Co., 1874. John Patrick Deveney: Eulis! The History of Love: Its Wondrous Magic, Chemistry, Rules, Laws, Modes, Moods and Rationale; Being the Third Revelation of Soul and Sex. Also, Reply to "Why is Man Immortal?" The Solution to the Darwin Problem. An Entirely New Theory, by Paschal Beverly Randolph, M.D. 2d ed. Copyright by Randolph, 1874. Toledo: Randolph Publishing Co., 1874. This second edition is the earliest known, and it continued to be reprinted by his widow unchanged as late as 1906. Randolph states that he originally intended to call the book by a different title (perhaps Sexagyma) but changed his mind on rewriting the volume. Perhaps this original text was the first "edition." As the title indicates, this was Randolph's third revelation of sex, and it is the most succinct statement of the exoteric theory and practice of love that Randolph had been expounding since 1860: true love is the complete, mutual exaltation of the magnetic union of male and female. Its presence produces health and long life, and its absence is the cause of the woes of the worldespecially women's problems. Love and true sex are also the key to immortalization and communication with the spheres of the celestial hierarchythough the details of the method for achieving these ends were reserved for Randolph's privately circulated works, The Ansairetic Mystery and "The Mysteries of Eulis." Part 3 of the book is devoted to reprinting an article on the phallic mysteries of the Siamese "nautch girl," Luan Prabana (copied from "Siamese Sorcery," Banner of Light 16, no. 2 [April 11, 1874]:2) and to a long excerpt from Colonel Stephen Fraser's Twelve Years in India in which the old soldier described the erotic "Sebeiyeh Dance" in which "Bhattah Glyph?" mirrors are consecrated. This excerpt, in turn, was picked up by Peter Davidson, the provincial grand master of the north of the H. B. of L., and Robert H. Fryar and commented upon knowingly by Madame Blavatsky. The book was reprinted by R. S. Clymer as Eulis, Affectional Alchemy; The History of Love: Its Wondrous Magic, Chemistry, Rules, Laws, Moods, Modes and Rationale. Being the third revelation of Soul and sex and a reply to "Why is Man Immortal" (Quakertown: Philosophical Publishing Co., 1930), and that edition has been reprinted by Health Research.




Magic Mirrors, Occult/Psychology, Occult sciences, Spiritualism

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