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Magical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North America

by Dillinger, Johannes

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In this, thefirst comprehensive history of magical treasure hunting, Johannes Dillinger, a leading expert on the history of folk belief, brings together a huge variety of British, European and American source materials. They range from medieval epics and the records of early modern witch trials to legends from the Wild West, SS files and outre websites. The study reconstructs a magical universe of treasure-guarding angels, fairies and ghosts, of wizards who were willing to face demons in order to get rich quickly, of resourceful tricksters exploiting creed and stupidity, and of ever watchful but often credulous and profit-seeking authorities. Looking over a long time-period, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, Dillinger not only reveals a rich and enduring magical culture but also the influence of new concepts of history and of the past. Combining history and anthropology, the study suggests an encompassing interpretation of treasure hunting that embeds the magic of the treasure in the changes of economic culture.




Magic, Historical

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