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Clothed with the Sun

by Kingsford, Anna B.

Short description

Anna Kingsford was an extraordinary 19th Century woman. She was one of the first women in Britain to become a medical doctor, edited a feminist newspaper, and served as president of the Theosophical Society. She knew Helena P. Blatavsky, Eliphaz Levi Zahed, and many other primary figures in Occult and Esoteric circles of the time. Anna Kingsford claimed to be in contact with fairies as a child. As an adult she had channeled visions, both waking and in lucid dreams, in which she tapped esoteric knowledge imparted by angelic beings, travelled in time, and witnessed shamanistic visions of a vast cosmos alive at every scale of creation.




Mysticism, Dreams, Astral projection, Gnosis/Gnosticism

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