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by Karlsson, Thomas

Short description

The sixth level of the Qliphoth (or the fifth counting from levels of initiation) is called Thagirion which means dispute or juridical process. This can be interpreted in many ways, the religious juridical process where Satan acts prosecutor or the place for the judgment of God, or where the sentence of God is questioned. Except the many mythological interpretations the name presents the antinomianistisc nature where the laws of the Sephiroth are counteracted. All Qliphoths have pejorativistic names since they are acting antithesis to the present order. The Sephiroth is idealizing unity while its shadow side is disunited. This is also explaining the meaning of ”dispute” in the name Thagirion. Thagirion is the central qlipha on Ilan Hizon-the outer tree, or the tree of knowledge.




Grimoire, LHP, Qliphoth

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