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What Do We Teach the Children

by Hawkins, Jaq

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When children begin school, these differences in belief from mainstream Christian philosophy can potentially cause large or small problems, for them or for us. For them, it’s a matter of being 'different' in any way from the rest of the children. How different they are depends on the religious climate in the area within which we live. A child making comments about astrological signs in a school filled with children of born-again Christian parents may find aggressive opposition to simple ideas which the child has learned from parents. This can be upsetting and confusing to the child, to say the least. In other areas where there is more of a cross-cultural mix, it is much easier for the child who may encounter the normal disagreements of various children who will all insist that whatever their parents taught them is true and everything else not true.




Chaos magic, Practical, Witchcraft/Sorcery

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