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History of the Mexicans as Told by Their Paintings

by Phillips, Henry Jr.

Short description

The following text is an important sixteenth-century account of the religion and history of the Colhua Mexica, or Aztecs. It is translated from a Spanish text, preserved in the library of the University of Texas at Austin, which was written down in the 1530s and apparently is based upon one or more indigenous hieroglyphic codices. It may have been composed by Fray Andrés de Olmos, one of the early Franciscan friars who was most interested in native culture. In Spanish it is usually referred to as the Historia de los Mexicanos por sus pinturas, and in English as the History of the Mexicans as Told by Their Paintings, although Phillips also refers to it as the Codex Ramírez, after Bishop Ramírez de Fuen Leal.




Historical, Toltec

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