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Demonic Bible

by Susej, Tsirk

Short description

We need to free ourselves from the mundane world of the past, and achieve a real understanding of and a real balance with Nature Herself. We need to strive to free ourselves of this planet of ours, at first in artistic visions and dreams, and then in practical reality as we reach out toward other planets around other stars. We need to dream great visions again, as we need to strive to make these visions real. Thus, do we need to become inspired by greatness - we need to dream of and create new civilizations, new aeons, new Empires to stretch ourselves in, to explore and discover, and to use to create an entire new species of higher beings who are fulfilling the promise of existence latent within them. In essence, we need to capture and express the numinous itself and mould that numinous through a unique work or works of Art. This is not a “work of fiction” but rather the foundation of what is now known as deitic magic. The roots of deitic magic lie in thelemic (as practiced by the O.T.O./A.A.) and setian magic (from the Church of Satan/Temple of Set tradition), but it is also heavily influenced by the septenary system of the O.N.A. Magus Tsirk Susej says plainly that it is only by THELEMA and XEPER that one can attain DEITUS. An understanding of thelemic and setian philosophy will certainly aid in understanding some of the concepts presented in this book. Since the system of magic presented in the Demonic Bible is a dynamically evolving one (with its own XEPER), it is only fitting that we present an updated version of this text. Here then, once again, is the Demonic Bible.





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