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Temple in Man, The - Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man

by Schwaller de Lubicz, R. A.

Short description

Rene Schwaller left his home in Alsace, after having completed an apprenticeship with his father in pharmaceutical chemistry, and went to Paris with the clearly formulated intention of "learning the true nature of substance." In addition to studying modern chemistry and physics, at this young age he began reading every alchemical text he could find, those of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries as well as sixteenth-century Rosicrucian texts and the more familiar works of Paracelsus and Raymond Lull. For a period he became interested in painting and was a student of Matisse, but his main role among his contemporaries was that of a philosopher of nature; thus, he influenced many artists in Paris at that time, such as Arp, Leger, and especially Prince O.V. de Lubicz Milosz, the Lithuanian mystic poet and statesman, who in 1919 conferred his family title on Schwaller as a means of expressing his admiration and gratitude.




Symbolism, Alchemy, Egypt

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