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Sons of Ether Paradigm - Magick, Science & Technology

by Meyers, Wayne, Bishop, Billy

Short description

Paradigm Through "magick" and "science," "technology" is created. These three concepts make all reality possible. Within the MST system: Magick: Raw creativity. The building blocks of reality, also known as "strands." Random Probability Creation (RPC). Humanity is the only known species to have demonstrated the use of magick. At this level, all things are ephemeral. Science: Through random interactions and changes, order came about. Science is this order. Science tends to guide Magick by channelling it, speeding it up, slowing it down, etc. Also known as Logical Composition Structure (LCS) Technology: Science "uses" Magick to create Technology. Technology is an end product. It is what Sleepers think of as Reality. The combination of RPC and LCS.




Chaos magic, Tech-magic

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