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Weird Ways of Witchcraft

by Martello, Leo L., Dr.

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As both a theorist and activist Dr. Martello's views have often been controversial. He is Founder of the Witches International Craft Associates (WICA) and the Witches Liberation Movement, Editor of The Wica Newsletter and Witchcraft Digest: The Voice of the Old Religion. On October 31, 1971 he sponsored the first Halloween Witch-In in New York's Central Park. At first refused a permit by the City Parks Administration he took his case to the New York Civil Liberties Union, and threatened to file suit for discrimination against a minority religion, backed by the ACLU. He got the Permit and won the first legal civil rights victory for witches in history. A documentary movie of the Witch-In was filmed and shown by Global Village, New York City. It was also later re-broadcast on National Educational Television.




Voodoo, Theory, Astrology, Witchcraft/Sorcery, Wicca

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