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1.12thPlanetStichin, Z.681.380B 19.05.2008
2.History Power Of The MindIngalese, Richard295.543B 23.03.2009
3.Kundalini and the ChakrasPaulson, Genevieve Lewis5.957.666B 15.06.2008
4.Magische Erweckung der Chakras im Ă„therkörper des Menschen, DieGregorius, Gregor A.181.764B 25.08.2007
5.Manual Of Practical MagicWeor, Samael Aun131.491B 21.12.2007
6.Metaphysical EnergiesBeall, J. Vincent346.218B 09.04.2008
7.Outer GatewaysGrant, Kenneth7.612.715B 17.03.2009
8.Parts of the Soul - A Greek System of ChakrasOpsopaus, John20.523B 04.04.2008
9.Psychic Power SecretsMind Power Corp.900.108B 13.01.2009
10.Sex Magicians, TheWilson, Robert Anton598.616B 24.11.2008
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