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1.Ancient Jewish Magic: A History Bohak, Gideon5.487.335B 14.04.2012
2.Continuity and Innovation in the Magical TraditionShaked, Shaul, Bohak, Gideon, Harari, Yubal5.006.359B 12.04.2012
3.Dark Mirrors: Azazel and Satanael in Early Jewish Demonology Orlov, Andrei A.16.122.810B 21.04.2012
4.Enoch-Metatron TraditionOrlov, Andrei A.10.314.115B 14.04.2012
5.Hidden and Manifest GodSchäfer, Peter4.737.012B 11.11.2012
6.Magic and Ritual in the Ancient WorldMeyer, Marvin (ed.), Mirecki, Paul (ed.)2.740.480B 30.04.2012
7.Mystery of God - Early Jewish Mysticism and the New TestamentRowland, Christopher, Morray-Jones, Christopher R.A.2.595.355B 12.04.2012
8.Religions in antiquity: Essays in memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough Neusner, Jacob26.090.554B 25.09.2010
9.Solomon, the esoteric king: from king to magus, development of a traditionTorijano, Pablo A.20.254.645B 31.01.2012
10.Sword of MosesHarari, Yubal218.089B 11.11.2012
11.Transparent Illusion Morray-Jones, Christopher R.A.12.991.477B 20.04.2012
12.Wrestling With AngelsSullivan, Kevin P.12.028.742B 14.04.2012
13.“Mysteries” of Qumran: Mystery, secrecy, and esotericism in the Dead Sea scrollsThomas, Samuel I.14.942.950B 20.04.2012
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