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1.From Apocalypticism to Merkabah MysticismOrlov, Andrei A.2.440.696B 15.08.2010
2.How the Talmud WorksNeusner, Jacob2.116.985B 25.09.2010
3.Iconic Visualization and the Imaginal Body of GodWolfson, Elliot R.5.181.188B 23.04.2012
4.Jesus in the TalmudSchäfer, Peter1.270.408B 20.08.2012
5.Judaism and Islam in practice: a sourcebookNeusner, Jacob1.685.319B 25.09.2010
6.Knowledge of God and the Development of Early KabbalahDauber, Jonathan3.653.177B 19.04.2013
7.Path of the JustLuzzato, Moshe Ch., aka Ramchal3.713.178B 15.08.2010
8.The four stages of rabbinic JudaismNeusner, Jacob972.958B 25.09.2010
9.The reader's guide to the TalmudNeusner, Jacob2.050.799B 25.09.2010
10.Tree of Souls: The Mythology of JudaismSchwartz, Howard6.951.740B 21.04.2012
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