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Books 1-25 out of 25
1.All Books In OneCastaneda, Carlos11.051.448B 13.06.2008
2.Ayahuasca TourismStuart, R.307.879B 25.01.2008
3.Christ and the Sacred MushroomYork, David 5.054.320B 26.06.2008
4.CiberxamanismoPinheiro, Eduardo494.049B 15.08.2010
5.Descenders to the Chariot, the People Behind the Hekhalot LiteratureDavila, James R.15.964.600B 07.11.2010
6.Domus Kaotica - The Chelsea WorkingAlysyrose, Frater142.105B 20.10.2008
7.Hexenbuch, DasStrelnikoff, Ivan (ed.)333.937B 14.02.2008
8.Hunter, Shaman, Oracle, PriestTuite, Kevin164.188B 15.02.2008
9.In and Of: Memoirs of a Mystic JourneyHaas, Jack 1.676.745B 04.07.2008
10.Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian MythosMoore, Vadge231.424B 25.09.2007
11.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
12.Ninth Arch, TheGrant, Kenneth133.409.068B 10.04.2009
13.Psychedelic ShamanismDekorne, Jim3.797.464B 03.06.2008
14.Schamanische Magie im AlltagSu-'a-'no-Ta, Sujja329.589B 27.08.2007
15.Secret Life of Nature, The (Living in Harmony With the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks )Tompkins, Peter3.594.573B 06.01.2009
16.Shamanism & OdinJon, A. Asbjorn145.240B 22.04.2008
17.Shamanism (An introduction)Stutley, Margaret1.220.855B 20.04.2009
18.Shamanism (Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices and Culture)Walter, Mariko Namba (Ed.), Neumann Fridman, Eva Jane (Ed.)8.287.484B 02.02.2009
19.Shamanism Neurotheology and Evolutionary PsychologyWinkelman, Michael66.237B 30.01.2008
20.Spae-Craft Seidr and ShamanismGundarsson, Kveldulf147.584B 04.12.2007
21.Two Worlds & InbetweenHine, Phil97.450B 25.08.2007
22.Visual MagickFries, Jan83.123.690B 14.08.2010
23.Visuelle magieFries, Jan1.399.466B 27.08.2007
24.Walking Between the WorldsHine, Phil117.688B 25.08.2007
25.Way Of The Shaman, TheHarner, Michael88.920.158B 14.05.2008
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