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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Book of magic, with instructions for invoking spirits 115.725.299B 17.06.2015
2.Early Modern Supernatural: The Dark Side of European Culture, 1400-1700Davidson, Jane P.2.119.968B 15.09.2014
3.Eros and Magic in the RenaissanceCulianu, Ioan P.4.505.493B 18.05.2012
4.John Dee's Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful SignsSzõnyi, György E.11.817.065B 19.01.2014
5.Marsilio Ficino : His Theology, His Philosophy, His LegacyAllen, Michael J. B. (ed.), Rees, Valery (ed.), Davies, Martin (ed.)29.322.107B 21.05.2012
6.Occult and Scientific Mentalities in the RenaissanceVickers, Brian (ed.)61.032.651B 28.12.2012
7.Syncretism in the West : Pico's 900 Theses (1486)Farmes, Stephen Alan, Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni28.779.612B 16.09.2012
8.White Magic, Black Magic in the European RenaissanceZambelli, Paola1.451.661B 07.04.2012
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