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1.Al-KindiAdamson, Peter3.219.349B 22.05.2008
2.Anglo-Saxon Perceptions of the Islamic WorldBeckett, Katharine Scarfe2.032.582B 22.05.2008
3.Avicenna and the Visionary Recital, pt. 1Corbin, Henry1.553.848B 06.08.2008
4.Cyclical Time and Ismaili GnosisCorbin, Henry1.039.520B 06.08.2008
5.Empire and Elites after the Muslim ConquestRobinson, Chase F.2.227.202B 23.05.2008
6.Heart of Islamic Philosophy, TheChittick, William C.27.781.425B 22.05.2008
7.History of Islamic Philosophy, The, vol. 1Corbin, Henry952.182B 07.08.2008
8.History of Islamic Philosophy, The, vol. 2Corbin, Henry719.619B 07.08.2008
9.Holy KillersBurman, Edward49.729.664B 30.03.2009
10.Iblis, the Black Light (Satanism in Islam)Wilson, Peter Lamborn234.859B 16.03.2009
11.Ibn al-Arabiā€˜s Testament on the Mantle of Initiation (al-Khirqah)Elmore, Gerald305.565B 24.08.2007
12.Introduction to Classical Islamic Philosophy, AnLeaman, Oliver2.431.877B 23.05.2008
13.Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth Century Divinatory DeviceSavage-Smith, Emilie, Smith, Marion B.9.496.508B 21.06.2008
14.Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth Century Divinatory Device: Another LookSavage-Smith, Emilie, Smith, Marion B.9.282.475B 21.06.2008
15.Judaism and Islam in practice: a sourcebookNeusner, Jacob1.685.319B 25.09.2010
16.Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic SocietyRapoport, Yossef2.014.623B 23.05.2008
17.Mystics of Islam, TheNicholson, Reynold A.580.102B 25.08.2007
18.Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam, TheSafi, Omid4.038.805B 23.05.2008
19.Quran 2.520.658B 10.10.2007
20.Studies in Early Mysticism in Near and the Middle EastSmith, Margaret4.860.311B 21.04.2012
21.Sufis, TheShah, Idries42.938.052B 16.02.2009
22.Sufism - The Formative PeriodKaramustafa, Ahmed T.2.879.371B 30.11.2007
23.Sweedenborg and Esoteric Islam [excerpts] Corbin, Henry69.599B 06.08.2008
24.The World Turned Inside Out (Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism)Cheetham, Tom1.032.458B 25.02.2009
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