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1.Ancient and Modern InitiationHeindel, Max249.711B 07.04.2008
2.Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, The: A History of the RosicruciansWaite, Arthur Edward33.389.315B 21.06.2008
3.Consecrating a Temple for 1st and 2nd OrdersWaite, Arthur Edward429.300B 19.04.2012
4.Consecration for a Temple of the Third OrderWaite, Arthur Edward474.076B 19.04.2012
5.Enthroning a Keeper of the Sacred MysteryWaite, Arthur Edward674.350B 19.04.2012
6.Esoteric Rosicrucians, The - The Beginnings of the OTO in North AmericaStarr, Martin3.198.343B 26.10.2008
7.Grade of Adeptus ExemptusWaite, Arthur Edward1.538.365B 19.04.2012
8.Grade of Adeptus MajorWaite, Arthur Edward1.998.218B 20.04.2012
9.Grade of NeophyteWaite, Arthur Edward1.624.055B 20.04.2012
10.Grade of PhilosophusWaite, Arthur Edward1.403.884B 20.04.2012
11.Grade of PracticusWaite, Arthur Edward1.813.795B 21.04.2012
12.Grade of TheoreticusWaite, Arthur Edward1.390.898B 21.04.2012
13.Grade of ZelatorWaite, Arthur Edward1.417.668B 21.04.2012
14.Histoire et Doctrines des Rose-CroixSédir, Paul11.496.783B 19.08.2010
15.Occult Principles of Health and HealingHeindel, Max321.515B 24.05.2008
16.On the Threshold of Sacred MysteryWaite, Arthur Edward1.553.117B 21.04.2012
17.Paschal Beverly Randolph : A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian and Sex MagicianDeveney, John Patrick62.200.726B 06.08.2010
18.Portal of the Third OrderWaite, Arthur Edward1.040.773B 21.04.2012
19.Return in LightWaite, Arthur Edward885.991B 21.04.2012
20.Rituals of the Fratres Lucis 1.132.429B 21.06.2008
21.Rituals of the S.R.I.A. 273.449B 25.08.2007
22.Rituals of the Societas Rosicrucianis in AngliaSumner, Alex273.429B 15.08.2010
23.Rosicrucian Manifestos, The 305.015B 25.08.2007
24.Rosicrucian Mysteries, TheHeindel, Max254.400B 25.08.2007
25.Rosicrucian Notebook - The Secret Sciences Used by Members of the OrderSchrödter, Willy14.911.485B 06.09.2012
26.Rosicrucian Thoughts on the Ever-Burning Lamps of the AncientsWestcott, William Wynn26.445B 01.11.2007
27.Rosicrucians, The: Their Rites And MysteriesJennings, Hargrave4.288.296B 21.06.2008
28.Rosie Crucian Secrets, TheDee, John1.541.090B 15.11.2007
29.Rosy Cross Unveiled: The History, Mythology & Rituals of an Occult OrderMcIntosh, Christopher16.544.239B 23.05.2008
30.Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians 162.187B 06.09.2007
31.Secret Teachings of All Ages, TheHall, Manly Palmer3.508.259B 04.02.2008
32.Solemn Festival of the EquinoxWaite, Arthur Edward652.035B 21.04.2012
33.Winter and Summer SolsticeWaite, Arthur Edward1.483.868B 23.04.2012
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