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Books 1-27 out of 27
1.Basic Technologies of Witchcraft 24.637B 30.11.2007
2.Basics of Magick, TheAmber, K.89.252B 07.09.2007
3.Book of Shadows (Gardnerian) 268.985B 25.08.2007
4.Coming to the Edge of the Circle - A Wiccan Initiation RitualBado-Fralick, Nikki2.631.797B 19.12.2007
5.Eight Sabbats of WitchcraftNichols, Mike94.503B 08.09.2007
6.Encyclopedia of AstrologyDeVore, Nicholas1.742.162B 02.02.2009
7.Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca, TheGuiley, Rosemary Ellen5.792.956B 20.09.2009
8.God of the WitchesMurray, Margaret Alice 249.598B 01.10.2007
9.Hexenbuch, DasStrelnikoff, Ivan (ed.)333.937B 14.02.2008
10.King of the Witches, The (The World of Alex Sanders)Johns, June13.077.646B 24.01.2008
11.Kraft der großen Göttin, DieStarhawk164.500B 29.04.2008
12.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
13.Magie und Praxis des HexentumsWidar, Frater1.014.987B 15.01.2008
14.Magie und Sternenzauber - Okkultismus im AbendlandTegtmeier, Ralph4.799.720B 14.02.2008
15.Mastering WitchcraftHuson, Paul1.293.734B 27.08.2007
16.Out of the Shadows, An Exploration of Dark Paganism and MagickCoughlin, John J.1.862.877B 25.03.2008
17.Secret History of Modern WitchcraftGreenfield, Allen T, Bishop148.492B 13.02.2008
18.The Alexandrian Book of the ShadowsSophia, Sekhet (editor)758.105B 08.09.2007
19.The Meaning of WitchcraftGardner, Gerald B. 1.609.260B 07.02.2010
20.The Witch Cult in Western EuropeMurray, Margaret Alice 476.513B 08.09.2007
21.To ride a silver broomstickRavenwolf, Silver1.834.134B 22.11.2014
22.Towards a Definition of InitiationKupperman, Jeffrey S.123.998B 27.11.2008
23.Weird Ways of WitchcraftMartello, Leo L., Dr.2.396.038B 18.02.2008
24.WiccaCrowley, Vivianne1.884.499B 25.08.2007
25.Wicca Revealed: An Introductory Course in WiccaLongchild, Pino1.326.661B 24.05.2008
26.Witch Like Me: The Spiritual Journeys of Today's Pagan PractitionersKnight, Sirona1.332.262B 14.04.2012
27.Witchcraft TodayGardner, Gerald B. 403.815B 08.09.2007
Books 1-27 out of 27

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