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Books 28-67 out of 67
28.Luciferian Fallen Angel WorshipWarren, Lee86.866B 14.08.2010
29.Luciferian GoetiaFord, Michael W.2.373.850B 01.02.2008
30.Luciferian Initiation - Via NocturneFord, Michael W.5.784B 01.02.2008
31.Luciferian Path & the Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.762.394B 01.02.2008
32.Luciferian SorceryFord, Michael W.610.912B 26.11.2007
33.Luciferian Sorcery and Set-TyphonFord, Michael W.26.211B 26.11.2007
34.Luciferian Witchcraft - An IntroductionFord, Michael W.13.403B 06.12.2007
35.Luciferian Witchcraft - The Mystery RevealedFord, Michael W.8.433B 06.12.2007
36.Magische Briefe 7 - Satanistische MagieGregorius, Gregor A.2.613.668B 25.08.2007
37.One Satanism or More SatanismsLap, Amina Olander 94.166B 07.08.2008
38.Origin of Satan, The - How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and HereticsPagels, Elaine1.177.824B 27.07.2008
39.Path to SatanNuctulius, Emperor2.237.340B 15.08.2010
40.Presumed Opposition - Psychonaut75-Musick and ArtFord, Michael W.11.319B 30.06.2008
41.Rite of the WerewolfFord, Michael W.416.337B 29.11.2007
42.Satanic Aphorisms (Excerpts from Satanic Bible)LaVey, Anton13.285B 21.11.2007
43.Satanic BibleLaVey, Anton350.430B 21.11.2007
44.Satanic Magick - A Paradigm of TherionFord, Michael W.8.232.021B 14.08.2010
45.Satanic RitualsLaVey, Anton540.770B 21.11.2007
46.Satanism - An Examination of Satanic Black Magic 98.555B 13.02.2008
47.Satanism - Tantrism and the Left Hand Path 25.037B 15.08.2010
48.Scroll of Set, The (1998/155)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)248.135B 30.06.2008
49.Scroll of Set, The (1998/156)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)274.811B 30.06.2008
50.Scroll of Set, The (1998/157)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)294.626B 01.07.2008
51.Scroll of Set, The (1998/158)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)218.040B 02.07.2008
52.Scroll of Set, The (1998/159)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)216.932B 07.07.2008
53.Scroll of Set, The (1998/160)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)258.135B 07.07.2008
54.Scroll of Set, The (1999/161)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)188.861B 20.05.2008
55.Scroll of Set, The (1999/162)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)221.721B 21.05.2008
56.Scroll of Set, The (1999/163)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)189.733B 22.05.2008
57.Scroll of Set, The (1999/164)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)195.902B 02.06.2008
58.Scroll of Set, The (1999/165)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)336.603B 06.06.2008
59.Scroll of Set, The (1999/166)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)219.190B 06.06.2008
60.Seven Scrolls-Children of the Black RoseLeved, Nate143.483B 07.03.2008
61.Shades of AlgolFord, Michael W.258.164B 15.08.2010
62.The Biography of SatanGraves, Kersey3.407.850B 14.08.2010
63.The DiaboliconAquino, Michael62.184B 14.08.2010
64.Theology of SatanismWarrax318.862B 14.08.2010
65.Vox Sabbatum: The Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.962.076B 10.12.2007
66.Wake of the Red DeathFord, Michael W.8.163B 12.03.2008
67.Within You and Beyond YouWebb, Don190.386B 18.02.2008
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