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Books 1-30 out of 30
1.120 Days of Sodom, TheSade, Marquis de1.693.331B 02.10.2007
2.Against the LightGrant, Kenneth1.526.613B 31.10.2007
3.Allegory from Heinrich von OfterdingenNovalis49.917B 18.04.2008
4.Brother of the Third Degree 490.474B 01.10.2007
5.Case of Charles Dexter Ward, TheLovecraft, Howard Phillips551.191B 24.10.2007
6.Crusade against the GrailRahn, Otto1.144.209B 14.08.2010
7.Divine ComedyAlighieri, Dante1.473.576B 25.08.2007
8.Essential Guide to CthulhuLovecraft, Howard Phillips1.468.902B 18.09.2007
9.Fünfte Geheimnis, DasStarhawk1.706.627B 03.05.2008
10.Gamaliel The Diary Of A VampireGrant, Kenneth769.536B 28.08.2007
11.Household Gods (Comedy)Crowley, Aleister1.973.552B 23.10.2007
12.Initiate in the Dark Circle, ThePupil, His228.189B 11.06.2008
13.Initiate in the New World, ThePupil, His363.681B 11.06.2008
14.Initiate, ThePupil, His469.655B 11.06.2008
15.Le Crocodile - poeme epiquo-magiqueSaint-Martin, Louis Claude10.190.527B 16.08.2010
16.MoonchildCrowley, Aleister918.142B 06.10.2007
17.MortadelloCrowley, Aleister3.259.573B 19.10.2007
18.Nightmare TalesBlavatsky, Helena P.230.560B 04.10.2007
19.Original FrabatoBardon, Franz452.821B 15.10.2007
20.Rosa AlchemicaYeats, William Butler32.964B 30.07.2008
21.Rosa CoeliCrowley, Aleister1.463.263B 16.01.2008
22.Schrödinger's Cat TrilogyWilson, Robert Anton1.052.399B 28.08.2007
23.Sea PriestessFortune, Dion1.259.216B 10.03.2008
24.Secrets of Dr. John Richard Taverner, TheFortune, Dion719.441B 28.08.2007
25.Serpent Power, TheFarr, Florence10.413.710B 10.01.2008
26.Studies in Modern Horror (Miéville, Barker, Lovecraft...)Christakos, N. G. (ed)495.220B 10.11.2008
27.Supernatural Horror in LiteratureLovecraft, Howard Phillips172.725B 28.04.2009
28.The Wonderful Story of Ravalette : The Rosicrucian's StoryRandolph, Paschal Beverly36.823.582B 02.10.2011
29.Why We Here - Cthulhu Cartoon StripLente, Fred Van, Ellis, Steve2.188.069B 06.11.2008
30.ZanoniLytton, Edward Bulwer907.432B 12.09.2007
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