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1.Amazing Secrets Of The YogiHaanel, Charles F.846.847B 05.09.2008
2.Amulets of Ancient EgyptAndrews, Carol13.320.619B 11.10.2012
3.Binding Words : Textual Amulets in the Middle AgesSkemer, Don C.10.622.876B 14.04.2012
4.Black Pullett, or the Hen with the Golden Eggs 315.438B 26.08.2007
5.Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient WorldGager, John G. (ed.)16.256.985B 20.02.2011
6.How to Make and Use TalismansRegardie, Israel1.342.307B 08.11.2007
7.Introduction To The Book Of PleasureGrant, Kenneth165.640B 08.12.2008
8.Kyranides - On the Occult Virtues of Plants, Animals & Stones : Hermetic & Talismanic Magic 9.430.255B 10.09.2011
9.Liber LXXXIV - Figs.Crowley, Aleister758.498B 27.08.2007
10.Making TalismansFarrell, Nick6.917.470B 27.05.2012
11.Picatrix - El fin del sabioVillegas, Marcelino929.381B 19.08.2010
12.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 1Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)44.614.275B 19.08.2010
13.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 2Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)19.218.358B 19.08.2010
14.Picatrix - Planetary Talismanic MagicAshe, Steven2.515.773B 19.08.2010
15.Picatrix - the Latin version of Ghayat al-HakimPingree, David21.420.211B 19.08.2010
16.Raphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic MagicDe Laurence, L. W.4.852.630B 17.12.2010
17.Seven Steps in Practical Occultism (vol.1)BOTA687.767B 03.11.2008
18.Talismanic TheomagicBuchmann - Naga, Franz1.586.428B 22.11.2014
19.The Art and Practice of Talismanic MagicOphiel1.692.446B 27.05.2012
20.The Latin Picatrix - Book I & IIGreer, John Michael, Warnock, Christopher18.951.393B 19.08.2010
21.The Picatrix - Selected Translations Edited with CommentaryWarnock, Christopher4.834.323B 19.08.2010
22.The Picatrix : Liber Rubeus EditionGreer, John Michael, Warnock, Christopher6.346.755B 10.09.2011
23.The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids 18.153.372B 07.11.2010
Books 1-23 out of 23

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