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Books 1-7 out of 7
1.3rd Mind, TheBurroughs, William S., Gysin, Brion7.512.417B 03.06.2008
2.ArticlesDawkins, Richard7.431.335B 29.04.2008
3.Arts and the OccultBertiaux, Michael356.326B 27.08.2007
4.Interview with Andrew D. Chumbley, An 36.182B 25.05.2008
5.Interview With Israel Regardie, An: His Final Thoughts and ViewsHyatt, Christopher S.22.629.183B 04.08.2008
6.On Drugs And CreativityHuxley, Aldous132.151B 04.04.2008
7.Scroll of Set, The (1999/162)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)221.721B 21.05.2008
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