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1.Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations, and Medical AstrologyAbraham ibn Ezra, Sela, Shlomo (ed.)3.816.503B 12.04.2012
2.Abraham Ibn Ezra The Book of ReasonsAbraham ibn Ezra, Sela, Shlomo (ed.)2.224.249B 12.04.2012
3.Angels and Angelology in the Middle AgesKeck, David19.538.186B 17.05.2012
4.Angels in Medieval Philosophical InquiryIribarren, Isabel, Lenz, Martin1.119.523B 10.09.2011
5.Anglo-Saxon Perceptions of the Islamic WorldBeckett, Katharine Scarfe2.032.582B 22.05.2008
6.Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy, TheLeaman, Oliver (ed.)2.382.531B 23.05.2008
7.Continuity and Innovation in the Magical TraditionShaked, Shaul, Bohak, Gideon, Harari, Yubal5.006.359B 12.04.2012
8.Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth CenturyKieckhefer, Richard44.288.312B 02.01.2011
9.Guide for the Perplexed, TheMaimon, Moshe ben1.541.924B 27.08.2007
10.Journey of the Mind into God: Itinerarium mentis in DeumBonaventure, St.430.889B 28.07.2012
11.Late Medieval MysticismPetry, Ray C.10.043.603B 05.09.2010
12.Magic in the Middle AgesKieckhefer, Richard75.540.253B 03.01.2013
13.Malleus maleficarumKramer, Heinrich, Sprenger, James2.510.783B 25.08.2007
14.Malleus Maleficarum (1)Kramer, Heinrich, Sprenger, James793.376B 27.08.2007
15.Malleus Maleficarum (2)Kramer, Heinrich, Sprenger, James535.979B 27.08.2007
16.Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic SocietyRapoport, Yossef2.014.623B 23.05.2008
17.Mystery of God - Early Jewish Mysticism and the New TestamentRowland, Christopher, Morray-Jones, Christopher R.A.2.595.355B 12.04.2012
18.Mystical Languages of UnsayingSells, Michael A.5.015.775B 15.09.2014
19.Periphyseon: Division of NatureEriugena, Johannes, Scotus14.039.365B 08.08.2012
20.Picatrix - Das Ziel des WeisenPseudo-Magriti11.693.171B 14.08.2010
21.Picatrix - El fin del sabioVillegas, Marcelino929.381B 19.08.2010
22.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 1Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)44.614.275B 19.08.2010
23.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 2Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)19.218.358B 19.08.2010
24.Picatrix - Planetary Talismanic MagicAshe, Steven2.515.773B 19.08.2010
25.Picatrix - the Latin version of Ghayat al-HakimPingree, David21.420.211B 19.08.2010
26.Sepher Yetzirah 146.766B 26.08.2007
27.Shabbatai Donnolos Sefer HakhmoniMancuso, Piergabriele3.787.172B 12.04.2012
28.The Latin Picatrix - Book I & IIGreer, John Michael, Warnock, Christopher18.951.393B 19.08.2010
29.The Mystical Experience in Abraham AbulafiaIdel, Moshe11.236.412B 06.05.2012
30.The Picatrix - Selected Translations Edited with CommentaryWarnock, Christopher4.834.323B 19.08.2010
31.The Picatrix : Liber Rubeus EditionGreer, John Michael, Warnock, Christopher6.346.755B 10.09.2011
32.The Speculum Astronomiae and its Enigma : Astrology, Theology and Science in Albertus Magnus and his ContemporariesZambelli, Paola10.028.407B 28.10.2012
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