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Books 1-11 out of 11
1.Hyperborea and the Quest for Mystical EnlightenmentJeffrey, Jason 35.456B 25.04.2008
2.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
3.Poetic Edda, Part.2Sæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin421.197B 06.03.2008
4.Prose Edda (part 1)Sturleson, Snorre, Anderson, Rasmus B., Hvitaskald, Olaf269.825B 11.03.2008
5.Shamanism & OdinJon, A. Asbjorn145.240B 22.04.2008
6.Spae-Craft Seidr and ShamanismGundarsson, Kveldulf147.584B 04.12.2007
7.Teutonic MagicGundarsson, Kveldulf1.333.352B 04.12.2007
8.Teutonic ReligionGundarsson, Kveldulf2.571.781B 04.12.2007
9.ThuleAsatru Folk Runic Workshop/Rune Gild UK1.445.970B 19.06.2008
10.Two Essays on the Worship of PriapusKnight, Richard Payne, Wright, Thomas4.181.966B 04.03.2008
11.Wotan-The Road to ValhallaGundarsson, Kveldulf389.098B 04.12.2007
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