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Books 1-10 out of 10
1.Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice : Matheseos Libri VIIIMaternus, Firmicus16.926.580B 28.12.2012
2.Astral magic in BabyloniaReiner, Erica17.307.733B 03.04.2012
3.Astronomy and Mathematics in Ancient ChinaZhou Bi Suan Jing, Cullen, Christopher6.996.037B 22.06.2015
4.Babylonian HoroscopesRochberg, Francesca5.383.818B 11.04.2012
5.Brief History of Ancient Astrology, ABeck, Roger1.418.229B 25.05.2008
6.Continuity and Innovation in the Magical TraditionShaked, Shaul, Bohak, Gideon, Harari, Yubal5.006.359B 12.04.2012
7.Encyclopedia of AstrologyDeVore, Nicholas1.742.162B 02.02.2009
8.Heavenly WritingRochberg, Francesca2.107.723B 14.04.2012
9.In the Path of the MoonRochberg, Francesca10.400.410B 14.04.2012
10.Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, or QuadripartitePtolemy8.854.441B 15.08.2010
Books 1-10 out of 10

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