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1.Aleister Crowley’s White Stains: Pornographic Occult Poetry as Shadow Confrontation and Cathartic LiberationKeane, Lloyd Kenton46.571B 26.10.2007
2.Ambergris, A Selection from The PoemsCrowley, Aleister626.876B 21.09.2007
3.Ashé! Journal of Experimental Spirituality, vol. I, no.1/2002 1.118.050B 22.10.2007
4.Book of LiesCrowley, Aleister1.235.968B 17.10.2007
5.Book of Lies, TheCrowley, Aleister850.944B 19.09.2007
6.Collected Fruits of Occult TeachingSinnet, A. P.15.356.099B 07.01.2009
7.Gilles de Rais (Banned Lecture)Crowley, Aleister33.395B 17.01.2008
8.Hunting of the FnordMu-Chao, Prince, Ball, Happy Fun, Rev.233.349B 18.12.2007
9.Le Crocodile - poeme epiquo-magiqueSaint-Martin, Louis Claude10.190.527B 16.08.2010
10.Liber Azazel (The Book of Azazel) 215.961B 27.11.2007
11.Olla, An Anthology of Sixty Years Of Songs by Aleister CrowleyCrowley, Aleister2.601.708B 21.09.2007
12.Poems of Hashish, TheBaudelaire, Charles68.848B 03.07.2008
13.Poetic Edda, Part. ISæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin467.872B 03.03.2008
14.Rosa CoeliCrowley, Aleister1.463.263B 16.01.2008
15.White Stains Crowley, Aleister182.059B 28.08.2007
16.World Within a WorldX7800.483B 06.09.2012
17.XXXI Hymns to The Star Goddes, Who is NotAchad, Frater164.410B 21.09.2007
Books 1-17 out of 17

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